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Plumbing and Fixtures 

There are several good reasons to make sure all of your plumbing and fixtures look good and are in good working order before putting your home up for sale. When potential renters come to look at your home, they are likely to turn on faucets and flush toilets “just to see”. This is no time to make a bad impression with grungy old fixtures, leaks or stained sinks. Before showing your home, you should make sure that all faucets and knobs are clean and shiny. If needed, buy new ones. They don’t need to be expensive.  

An inexpensive but shiny and obviously brand new fixture will make a far better impression than an expensive but old and stained one. Another good reason to look after these items before putting your home up for rent is the potential damage that it may cause your home. Most renters will call in a maintenance request but not all. Why leave it up to a renter who doesn't own the home? Plumbing problems can be quite costly, so why even risk it? We'll do a thorough walk through with you and help you to identify areas of concern.